Viral Spiral Dance of Chance: Portions of Chaos in Balance

Available in print form only, this pocket-sized booklet (86 pgs) is a non-commercial project of original writings that span over 15 years. Sometimes potent, sometimes amusing, sometimes perplexing, but mostly poetic, provoking and challenging. The content ranges from creative word play to personal challenges to human nature, and to the nature of power, time, mystery, the artificial world vs. the natural world, questions, and much more. It shows a life of exploration, discovery, and a need to reach out and find ways to “reconfigure what normal is.” The hand prints on the front and back cover are the authors.

A t-shirt for any political season
(no longer available)

“True Cost” T-shirt: a t-shirt like no other you’ve ever seen. As a side project, one year of research went into the making of the shirt.
Project overview:
From Farm to Fashion, what goes into the production of one cotton t-shirt? The aim is to stimulate conversation about the water, energy, human labor, toxins, migration, and inventive practices that go into the products we own. How do we perceive or how aware are we about the people and processes that produce the products we have come to depend on in this global commercial society?
First hand research along with information from 30 sources comprise the contents of this shirt.
This t-shirt is a “gateway concept”. By wearing this, it will insert into society not only the topic of t-shirts, but the overall question of what is the “true cost” of the products we are surrounded by, eating, and wearing? How can these answers become more publicly available? Can more knowledgeable shoppers that base purchase-decisions on more than dollar-amounts eventually augment the way product-designers think, design, and produce?

Imagine true cost information (True cost economics/whole cost economics) for all products and services available via text messaging/SMS (text a code for each product & service), online, public kiosks in malls, public spaces, etc. A mobile encyclopedia service revealing the “open supply chains.”

Front shirt: water, energy, travel, emissions, toxins, import costs, child labor, misc (fertilizer)

These shirts were sold at the 2010 Hackers on Planet Earth conference and presented as part of an art exhibit on a Spanish island.